Our new nursery offers an attractive range of fruiting cultivars, grown on avocado industry approved root-stocks, sourced from well known orchards and our own extensive property.

All our plants are grown in a specially formulated growing media and are protected from the weather in a specially designed and professionally built shade house, where they are supplied with ecologically friendly based quality nutrients on waist high galvanised steel benches.

Our unique growing system is an effective fail-safe against foul weather, weeds, disease and pathogens.

We are able to supply plants in an extensive range of very stable container sizes, which provide strong root development due to rapid water retention and have one of the largest selections of varieties available in the avocado world today.

Retailers are able to satisfy their customers with quality plants in a range of sizes and special varieties for collectors and home growers at affordable prices.

Farmers may choose from a variety of well known cultivars, grown on disease tolerant root-stocks, which will be a valuable addition to any orchard.